Tips For Building A Great Relationship

Great relationships are those where both are just happy to be together, but it does take an equal effort. Below are some tips that will help you have a positive relationship that lasts…

Be Vulnerable

Always be open about your feelings and opinions, as this will show the real you and allow you both to continuously build a love that is TRUE.


To build healthy communication with each other, always listen to what the other is saying. Listening is a skill that most lose focus on during a conversation, as one feels the need to speak and/or think of what their going to say next.

Have Respect

You both are your own person and should have respect for each others individuality. Focusing on the respect you give will set the standard for the respect you receive.


Neither of you will get “your way” 100% of the time. It’s important to compromise when it comes to one another’s “wants” and being happy doing so because you’re doing it together.

Argue Properly

You will not ALWAYS see eye-to-eye. When differences stir up, it’s important to argue in a productive way. Listen to what one another has to say without interrupting, and take a break for a moment if things get heated. There should be absolutely NO name calling, threatening, or physical harm.

Be Spontaneous

Things can become routine… that’s life. Doing spontaneous things with and for one another will keep the love you share exciting and new. Some spontaneous ideas include: leaving unexpected love notes, slow dancing in the living room, looking your best for no reason, having sex outside of the bedroom, trying a new restaurant, or planning a romantic getaway.

Show Appreciation

Don’t ever lose sight of all the things that you do for each other, big or small… Always express gratitude.

Have A Common Interest

Make it a priority to have an activity or a hobby that you’re both interested in, as this will be something that you “both” look forward to doing and/or talking about, which in turn will establish the bond of friendship that you should have within your relationship.

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